• The Rita Fund Brochure - Design and Copywriting
  • Chhaya CDC - "10 Year Anniversary Film" - Produced and Directed
  • Climbing Poetree - Strategic Consulting / Grants Management

The Media Sutra team encourages clients to reflect upon and clarify core values, and to rethink how their messaging can be aligned accordingly. We revive our clients’ brand through effective and artistic media that resonate. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be remembered and empowered to move people to action.

Media Sutra works with client partners to communicate their mission and messages in order to build community, expand their base, transform perceptions, secure funding, frame conversations, challenge the status quo and change policies.

We are a team of artists and activists who utilize the creative process as a key starting point to help clients unearth and tell their authentic stories. These stories are constructed using film, photography, copy writing and graphic design and implemented with planning and strategy.

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