• Design and Print Management for Individuals and Non-Profits
  • Gala Event Production with Arts Integration
  • Photography Services for Individuals and Non-Profits
  • Independent and Organizational Film Production
  • Fundraising Strategy Development and Implementation for Artists and Non Profits
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You are an innovative and entrepreneurial changemaker. You want to shift paradigms and believe in your vision. You want justice and you want it now. Ready to make a difference, you set out to do it all. You secure start-up support, build your team, and begin with a bang.

Then you realize how hard it is to get the word out about your vital mission and acquire the resources to sustain your work. You have a dynamic voice and you want to be heard, yet it is challenging to communicate your story consistently through the vast outlets made available in the digital age. It takes a lot of time to build deep and lasting relationships with partners and supporters, and follow-up in a timely way. You are ready for growth and feel stuck.

Don’t worry we are here to support you. By partnering with Media Sutra, you have a team of experienced and talented co-creators ready to help you be creative, strategic and transformative, so you can become more visible, impactful and sustainable.

  • You have a unique and compelling story to tell
  • You want to strengthen your communications and outreach;
  • You are eager to bring in increased resources to thrive
  • You are excited to use the arts as a tool for greater impact and engagement;
  • You want to embrace new paradigms that are transformative and effective;
  • You are willing to center wellness in your work to prevent burnout
; and,
  • You seek to engage and build community through joyful and creative events.


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We are creative revolutionaries guided by love and grounded in spirit. We started Media Sutra to self-determine and foster collective liberation, while living our purpose joyfully. We believe in justice and sustainability for all. We are artists, activists, educators, facilitators, coaches, and strategists. Our knowledge and expertise in communications, fundraising, event planning, program development and facilitation comes from over forty years of combined experience. We have raised millions of dollars, launched high-impact organizations and campaigns, created award-winning films and projects, supported organizations to transform their practices and operations, and coached leaders to be game changers.

Our own transformational leadership journeys help us to understand the value of not only the quality of our work but also the quality of who we are being.  We are here to help you and your team transcend surviving, and to truly thrive.

When you win. We win.

We support individuals, organizations and networks to be empowered, bold, audacious and effective. We walk our talk, live our vision and values, and intimately understand the necessity of partnership. We have been in your shoes as founders and directors of organizations, staff, organizers, individual artists and entrepreneurs.

We offer:

  • Fundraising and Communications strategy development and implementation;
  • Creative Services to tell your unique story and strengthen your brand;
  • Facilitation, trainings/workshops and coaching to increase your impact; and
  • Program and campaign development that integrate the arts, culture and creative process.

Media Sutra loves do-gooders who are ready to change the game. Our ideal clients:

  • Are interested in doing work in out-of-the-box ways;
  • Understand the value of collaboration and practice mutual accountability; and,
  • Have a compelling vision, and are ready to put in the work to win.

Partner with us today to co-create new possibilities.