Visionary artists, organizations and entrepreneurs partner with us to be more visible, impactful and sustainable


Visionary artists, organizations and entrepreneurs partner with us to be more visible, impactful and sustainable

You are a changemaker with a powerful vision. You have a dynamic voice and you want to be heard. You want justice and you want it now. We are Media Sutra, a team of experienced and talented co-creators who can support you to make what you dream possible.


We might be perfect for each other if:

  • you have a compelling story to tell
  • you want to build your brand.
  • you are ready to generate resources to thrive
  • you want to integrate the arts for greater reach.
  • you crave transformational paradigms and practices.
  • you seek to shift perceptions and frame conversations.
  • you are willing to center wellness to prevent burnout
  • you want to produce joyful and innovative events.
  • you are committed to challenging the status quo.

Are you ready to…


Our creative approach activates imagination so you can move beyond conventional practice and be on your creative edge. Together, we  create a visible impact through the power of the arts, culture and creative process.


Our strategic approach supports you to be a visionary leader, anticipating opportunities and risks ahead. Together, we engage in critical thinking and planning that allows you and your team to reframe and redirect as needed.


Our transformative approach supports you to “be the change” you wish to see in the world. We team up with you as coaches, facilitators and trainers, supporting you to implement plans and be empowered leaders.

We are creative revolutionaries
guided by love and grounded in spirit.


Peace, I’m Manauvaskar, Creative Guru guiding your inner light to shine through stories.

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Hello, I’m Taij, Jedi Strategist ready to make you a force to be reckoned with.

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Wassup, I’m Simone, Transformative Wizard unleashing your inner wisdom and potential.

We started Media Sutra to self-determine and live our purpose. We are artists, activists, educators, entrepreneurs, facilitators, coaches, and strategists. We have raised millions of dollars, launched high-impact organizations and campaigns, produced dynamic events, created award-winning films and projects, supported organizations to transform their practices and operations, and coached leaders to be effective. Our leadership journeys deepened our understanding of the connection between the quality of our work and who we are being. We are here to help you and your team thrive.


Be Inspired…