Media Sutra is a socially responsible company grounded in the vision of a world where everyone thrives by living a joyful, purpose-driven life fueled by self and community determination.


We support our client partners to be creative, strategic and transformative.  By working with us and incorporating our unique approach, you will become increasingly visible, impactful and sustainable.



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  • Film and Photography
  • Design and Copywriting
  • Event Design and Production
  • Fundraising Strategy  and Implementation Support
  • Communications Planning and Implementation 
  • Integrating the Arts in Programs and Campaigns
  • Leadership Development
  • Workshops, Retreats and Coaching

We embody a set of core values and foster mutual
accountability with our client partners.

Integrity and innovation guides our work. We tap into traditional methods while challenging the status quo with bold leadership and risk-taking that spark transformative change. We remain connected to our community in meaningful ways that transcend a transactional approach to business.  Media Sutra’s products and services are grounded in knowledge and competence.

As a triple bottom-line company, Media Sutra strives for impact in three areas: empowering people, honoring the planet and making a profit.