“The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip…”

                                                 – Paulo Coelho

Are you ready to be a visionary leader, anticipating opportunities and risks ahead?

Partner with Media Sutra to raise the bar and be a game changer. When mired in the work, an external perspective can shine a light on your blind spots and map new pathways to success. Our strategies leverage the power and potential of human connection, therefore an essential building block of our strategic approach is authentic relationship building. We integrate training and coaching into our strategic consulting offerings because we know that ultimately organizations need to build their own internal capacities.

When you partner with Media Sutra, you will receive:


  • A comprehensive assessment of your development and communications efforts;
  • A strategic plan customized to meet you where you are at and move you towards increased resources and greater visibility;
  • Hands on support to integrate and implement practical and innovative fundraising and communications strategies; and
  • Training and coaching to be successful during and beyond the consulting partnership.