Be Creative

We believe that we can create a new world through the power of the arts, culture and creative process. Media Sutra’s approach activates imagination so you can move beyond conventional practice.

The fundamental building block of our creative approach is Transformative Storytelling, a participatory methodology grounded in years of experience. Story is a powerful way of sharing experiences and co-creating new realities. When you choose to craft and embody your story with purpose, you transform the way you communicate both internally and externally. Media is then used as a vehicle to amplify and deliver your story to educate, connect, raise resources, organize and elicit action.

We center the creative process to spark personal and collective visions, and to allow new insights and ideas to unfold. As stories and strategies emerge, we bring our creative prowess and leverage our dynamic network of artists to further step up your creative game. At the end of the day, we want you to be seen, heard and empowered to move people to action.


Be Strategic

We have seen that in the day-to-day hustle, the tendency is to deal with what’s directly in front of us, focusing solely on what feels urgent and concrete. This can put organizations, projects or businesses at risk of missing new opportunities or ignoring signs that a current path is not sustainable.

Media Sutra’s strategic approach supports you to be a visionary leader, anticipating opportunities and risks ahead. Together, we engage in critical thinking and planning that allows you and your team to reframe and redirect as needed. You are better positioned to interpret barriers and intuit breakthrough solutions, moving from ‘analysis paralysis’ to proactive decision-making.

As plans are formed, our strategic approach ensures alignment with vision and values, and that a wide range of stakeholders have bought into new directions. At the end of it all, we reflect, learn and celebrate with you and your team, which brings us back full circle and prepares you for continued strategy development and empowered action.


Be Transformative

People are the ultimate drivers of deep and lasting change. Therefore individuals must also transform and evolve to align with their vision for change.

Our transformative approach supports leaders to “be the change” you want to create in the world. We do so by working with all three domains of human systems: (1) hearts and minds; (2) behavior; and (3) structures. These three domains continually reinforce each other and tend to keep individuals and organizations on their growing edge (open to change) or in a static state (resistant to change).

We provide coaching, workshops and retreats to support you and your team to be self-reflective, transformative leaders who can manifest the changes you envision through deep practice. In all of our workshops and trainings we support you and your team to be Fierce, Audacious and Bold (FAB) as you put what you are learning into action. We ensure that essential personal, cultural and organizational shifts take place so that great plans and tools don’t get put on the shelf.